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FEMA Professional Development Series (PDS)
The Professional Development Series consists of seven Emergency Management Institute (EMI) independent study courses that provide a well-rounded set of fundamentals for those in the emergency management profession. Many students build on this foundation to develop their careers.

Basic Applied Practices Series (BAPS)
The Oregon Emergency Management Basic Applied Practices Series consists of several required course and four (4) elective courses. The intent of the BAPS is to provide training needed by all emergency service providers for successful field operations. Courses in the Professional Development Series (PDS) cannot be used to  meet BAPS requirements.

FEMA Advanced Professional Series (APS)
The Advanced Professional Series emphasizes applied skills in disaster operations, alongside of and building on the management and coordination skills developed throughout their Professional Development Series. The APS courses address top skills for performing emergency management and disaster duties. The original course lineup was established five years ago, and updated in 2004, to motivate and challenge students to continue emergency management training.

Homeland Security
Homeland security is an interdisciplinary field concerned with maximizing public safety and security throughout the United States. Homeland security encompasses a wide range of professions, including emergency management and logistics, law enforcement and criminal justice, fire protection, public health and information security.

Associate Degree Program
An associate degree in homeland security will introduce students to the fundamental areas of this exciting, often challenging field. Coursework will delve into topics like terrorism, the justice system, disaster response, epidemiology and cyber security. Homeland security associate programs often include internships, which allow students to receive supervised onsite training from experienced professionals. 

Bachelor Degree Program
Many colleges and universities created bachelor's degree programs in homeland security. Other schools feature programs in related fields, such as emergency management and information security, with options for homeland security concentrations or minors. Homeland security programs often include internship opportunities as part of the curriculum, allowing students to receive supervised training from experienced professionals.

Masters Degree Program
The academic discipline of homeland security is concentrated in the laws, ethics, protocols, and processes that guide various federal and nonprofit agencies. Coursework will cover a wide array of topics related to different branches of homeland security like terrorism, health, and resource protection. Most careers in homeland security are attainable with a bachelor's degree ― or less, in some cases ― but a master's degree in homeland security is the ideal pathway for students who plan to assume leadership positions after graduation. 


Oregon Colleges with Emergency Management Programs

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